Who Is Almond?

Almond Is a professional eQMS That was Developed by Gsap. Our Unique Quality Management Software Computerizes The Quality Process While Ensuring Compliance With Regulatory Requirements. Almond Was Established Based On The Vast Knowledge Gained From Years Of Experience Consulting And Accompanying all types of healthcare companies, from small Startups to Large corporations.
Who Is Almond?

Our Journey


System Development & Validation

Based on Gsap's experience, the project moved on to the Execution stage which was performed, from scratch, in-house by Gsap, accompanied and guided by its best experts


First customers onboard!

With validated software and regulatory compliance - first customers started to manage their quality fields with Almond, and began to accelerate their progress


Committed to excellence and customer needs

Expanding Almond team, adding quality processes and administrative tools for autonomous control and adjustment of the work environment


Customer success is our success

A client customized quality processes building tool; Gsap's out-of-the-box best practices; diversifying types of users to streamline work and use; and more.

Our Story-From Concept To Reality

Almond® was established based on the knowledge gained by Gsap from years of experience consulting and accompanying the development process for medical device companies.

Gsap learned that each company defines its own individual quality process flow, and a common challenge identified was to document and maintain documentation that demonstrates that the process quality is in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

This difficulty led to the conclusion that there was a need for a tool to support and guide the quality process to allow engineers, development personnel, and quality teams to focus on their work and move forward quickly.
Focus on work and move forward quickly
Gsap Began To Characterize The System According To Three Guiding Principles:

1. Create a system that is simple to use and intuitive, that will allow people without knowledge or experience in software or quality systems to use it easily.

2. Create a system that is modular, that allows users, using very simple tools, to adjust the system perfectly to suit their needs.

3. Create a system that will allow users unlimited ability to customize workflows, without budgetary considerations and without having to re-validate.
Simple to Use. Modular. Customizable.
Based on the completed characterization, the project moved on to the development phase, which was performed, from start to finish, in-house by Gsap, accompanied and guided by its best experts.

This is, in essence, the story of the birth of Almond software.

Since its inception until today, Almond software has been serving clients from a wide variety of companies in the biomedical field, from small start-ups to large corporations.
From start to finish, in-house by Gsap


Ziv Ariely
Itay Ariely
Product Manager
Sigalit Ariely-Portnoy, Ph.D
Chairman of the board
Mado Otzri
Sales & Marketing
Mordechay Shahar
Development Team Leader
Sapir Alagem
Chen Ohana
John Moallim
Customer Support Manager
Or Gill
Customer Success Manager
Eden Katz, MBA
HR Manager
Carmit Gavriel
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